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VPN Essentials

  • VPN - What is it?

    A VPN or Virtual Private Network is a secure passageway between two or more devices.

    When connected to VPN, your internet connection becomes encrypted, allowing you to securely and privately access to your desired online content regardless of location.

  • How can I use my VPN?

    VPNs are multifaceted tools. For example, a VPN allows you to:

    1. Mask your actual IP (internet protocol) address and surf the Internet with privacy;
    2. Safeguard your sensitive data such as passwords and banking credentials with encryption methods;
    3. Download and stream as much and as often as you like
    4. Have unrestricted access to all social media platforms.
  • Why is a VPN necessary?

    To ensure your online protection. A VPN can prevent third parties from meddling in and/or accessing your sensitive data. Not only does it encrypt your information, it ensures that your online activity cannot be tracked or traced by hackers or your internet service provider.

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